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Shelldreams Overseas is leading foreign education consultant Ahmedabad. Shelldreams Overseas help students find solutions suited to their academics, assuring that the best foreign study and correct path is selected. We are a foreign education oriented firm committed to provide fair and accurate assistance and guidance to students seeking admission in educational institutions / universities in United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Portugal, Ukraine, China, Philippines, St. Lucia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Italy, Spain,Poland, Cyprus, Russia and France. We are pioneer in all types of visas like Student Visas, Visitors Visas, Dependent Visas, Family Visas, Domestic & International Tours, Packages, Ph.d / Doctorate programs with paid fellowships in India as well as overseas, post landing services, Coaching for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE, etc. This all services distinguishes us from others in the industry and makes us undoubtedly best Visa Consultant in Gujarat as well as best Foreign education consultant Ahmedabad, India.

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Nishith Trivedi on securing successful admission in MBA, and getting Visa to Study in Poland. 
Shelldreams Overseas Gujarat wishes you All the best for future study in Poland. 
We are the Best Overseas Education Consultant in India.
CONGRATULATION!!! Nishith Trivedi on securing successful admission in MBA, and getting Visa to Study in Poland. Shelldreams Overseas Gujarat wishes you All the best for future study in Poland. We are the Best Overseas Education Consultant in India.
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Canada Student Visa
Canada Student Visa INR 0 INR 0 Shelldreams Overseas is a student visa consultant ahmedabad is renowned for study visa for Canada in Ahmedabad, India and we provide complete information about Study in Canada. We assist in Study Visa for Canada from admission procedure till date they get visa stamped in the passport.Canada invites more than 1,80,000 international students every year for Canada study. It is becoming country of choice for students from all parts of the world. Canadian universities provide a full spectrum of undergraduate and master degree programs, undertaking research of national and international importance. Universities in Canada range from cities, multi-campus and research-intensive universities, offering a wide range of diploma, graduate and PG Diploma programs, to arts colleges with a aim on undergraduate education for study in Canada. Others provide specialized professional programs in fields such as business, engineering, art and design or agriculture. Since Canada is a bilingual country, the universities demonstrate this by offering instruction in English, French, or even both. A university education translates into new sectors, excellent job prospective and higher perks. University graduates have a great chance at promotion throughout their career, better health and benefit packages, as well as better pension plans after study in Canada. True 1439183738
Student Visa for USA
Student Visa for USA INR 0 INR 0 Shelldreams Overseas is the best Study in United States foreign education consultant in Ahmedabad, India. We proudly announce if you want to achieve your dream of study visa for USA, then we are the perfect choice for fulfilling your dream. Study in US, the country which has experimented with democracy for more than 200 years is strong economically as well as culturally today with the base being the immigrants. The United States has more institutions of higher education than other countries, but instead of the numbers it is the standard quality of education provided by these academic bodies which is acknowledged worldwide. The sheer number of world class institutes of higher learning for study in US is one of the key factors that has made the US the premiere destination for students in India from all over the world. The most renowned states for international study in US are New York, California and Texas as well as the most popular subjects was business and management, engineering, mathematics and computer science. As an investment in your future, a U.S. degree provides excellent value for the money, this is more winning edge for study in United States. A wide range of tuition fees and living costs, plus some financial help by universities, make study in United States affordable for thousands of students. The best thing about the US study is that, Students have the freedom to choose from various courses within their university and have a choice of migrating from one institute to the other. Beyond the classroom walls, countless extra-curricular activities give students a chance to develop leadership skills and community spirit. U.S. universities recommend outside-class learning through varied social, cultural, and sports activities. True 1439183824
Study Visa for Australia
Study Visa for Australia INR 0 INR 0 Shelldreams Overseas an overseas education consultant ahmedabad is game changer for study in Australia across Ahmedabad and India. It makes altogather difference while choosing carrer for study visa for Australia. Besides being a fantastic life experience is also a good intellectual and professional investment for your future if you choose Australia study. Australia offers thousand of different courses for international students and is famous for the quality of education in many areas, this is the core factor students prefer study in Australia over and above all other countries.To study in Australia, the first thing that must be determined, it is period of Australia study, therefore this will implies in different types of study Visa for Australia to be requested to the Embassy of Australia in your home country. Admissions are purely on the basis of a student’s academics & IELTS score. Australian Embassy has given very clear visa guidelines. Along with submission of visa application forms, funds have to be shown in the embassy which cover a student (and dependants in case spouse or children are accompanying) for studies, living and travel cost while study in Australia. An international student is allowed to work 20 hours per week once they commence their studies,during the session and during vacations they can work full time at the time of Australia study. Our main purpose is Student visa for Australia to guide you. Course Guide for study in Australia : •English Courses in Australia (ELLICOS) •Technical and Vocational Courses in Australia. (TAFE) •Bachelors programs •Post Graduate Programs •Masters and Doctoral Degree. Why Study Visa for Australia? Australia is a great place to live and study. By study in Australia you will not only enjoy the sights and sounds of Australia’s most famous cities, you will also be excited to many of our finest east coast tourist destinations. Among all cities of Australia, Sydney was rated the best number six student city in the world (QS Best Student Cities, 2012). We will provide assistance for accommodation in Australia View temporary accommodation and longer term living arrangements in Australia. There is a variety of rental or shared living options available to you in Australia during Australia study. Cost of living Working in Australia. You will be able to work in Australia while you study. You can find more about work rights and the work conditions of your Australia study. True 1439183942
Student Visa for New Zealand
Student Visa for New Zealand INR 0 INR 0 Shelldreams Overseas visa consultant in ahmedabad offers varieties of study and course options for study in New Zealand. We have set benchmarks for New Zealand student visa all over India, not making it limited to only Ahmedabad. New Zealand is an island country situated in the Pacific Ocean. The country mainly comprises of two islands, the North Island and South Island, although there are also numerous smaller islands. The closest countries to New Zealand are Australia and the Pacific island nations: Fiji, New Caledonia and Tonga. New Zealand has a progressive education system with state of art facilities. The qualitative education of New Zealand is internationally recognized. When you study in New Zealand, you’ll find a unique country – the ultimate outdoor playground with excellent study opportunities. It’s a always pleasure and community with a high-class reputation for cutting-edge research and creative energy. Why New Zealand Study is better than other countries? New Zealand is an alluring destination for international students and the country’s educational institutions are well regarded throughout the world so it’s not surprising so many people wish to study in New Zealand. The whole of New Zealand’s academics system is based upon the prestigious UK study system, which is identical to Singapore. New Zealand’s universities offers end numbers of opportunities for research and practical exposure, where students can develop their skills required in their future career and academic life. There are wide ranges of study opportunities, including state administered primary, secondary schools, universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and private training venture. The NZQA assures the quality of program offered by state institutions and a private establishment, which in turn assures that programs offered in New Zealand, maintains international recognition, that’s why New Zealand study has so much importance globally. True 1439184032
Study in France - No IELTS / No TOEFL
Study in France - No IELTS / No TOEFL INR 0 INR 0 Shelldreams Overseas is among one of the few overseas education consultant not only in Ahmedabad but across India for promoting France study option. A modern and dynamic country, France, located in the heart of European Union, makes it ideal location for study in France. For each course, a minimum academic record of 60% and above in Standard XII will be required . Foundations and Diploma programmes are available for students who have secured around 50% for study in France. The student should have completed 18 years of age before joining a degree programme is mandatory for France study. World’s third highest leading country for Foreign Education. The average tuition costs for attending a college for France study will vary according to the school, the course and the city your school is located in. Quality Education with well paid Internship Opportunities and Get admission without IELTS is the foremost reason student prefers options of study in France in Ahmedabad and India. The main intake season at all French universities is September. So the deadlines would be from February till May across different courses and universities. A few universities offer admissions in March as well. The deadlines for this intake would be from November till January. France is the only country in the world offering housing grants. France is only country in this world giving housing subsidies for all International Students Shelldreams Overseas will help you to get the Student visa to France, A gateway to Europe. Why France Study is better than other European countries ? Great Job Opportunities after Study in France France is next overseas destination for students in India – The Times of India Very Well Paid Internship after 5 to 8 months of study in France France Study is ranked as 3rd leading host country for international students Quality Education Low & Reasonable Fees No IELTS, TOEFL required 20 hrs. part time allowed Work permit & PR opportunities Benefits of enrollment with Shelldreams Overseas Quality services from getting admission till visa process Post landing services to the students in France Marked as quality organization for its excellent services for information about French institutions Support students for accommodation Assist your students where to learn French for free Provide guidance for Internship Part time job assistance Provide work permit information after programs and internships True 1439184139
Study in UK - United Kingdom
Study in UK - United Kingdom INR 0 INR 0 Shelldreams Overseas student visa consultant ahmedabad provides complete application processing services that include putting together your application and helping you decide on your best choices. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and a quick turnaround time once we get all the needed documents and inputs from the student. We encourage relevant skills that are marketable and sought by today’s top companies. Shelldreams Overseas encourage relevant skills that are marketable and sought by today’s top companies, which makes us different and unique in the industry all over Ahmedabad along with India for UK study. Why Study visa for UK? The education system for study in UK provides facilities such as international student’s societies, planned social activities, academic support, and academic counselors. UK has one of the lowest dropout rates, it makes Shelldreams Overseas genuine path maker in Ahmedabad, India for students while taking important decision of study in United Kingdom. As part of the new visa requirements for UK study, if you are an international student, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) requires you to have a budget of at least £1,000 per month to study in London, in addition to the tuition fees. If the campus is outside of London, you will require a minimum budget of £800 per month as requested by the UKBA. On an average, you may need around £200 to £300 per week to live in or around London. It is just an estimate, and the final costs will vary depending on your lifestyle, place of residence and how much you socialize during study in United Kingdom. We have many options for universities for study in UK, If you are attending any of the following universities, you will experience typical student life in London: University College London; Imperial College London; King’s College London; London School of Economics; Queen Mary, University of London; SOAS; Royal Holloway University of London; Brunel University; Goldsmiths, University of London; and City University London. Student life in London is incredibly different. Even if you aren’t studying in London, it’s recommended by many people that you visit the city for at least once a week or so while studying in England. London is “the big city,” so there are always lots of things for you to discover and do during UK study. Once you arrive in the UK, for study in United Kingdom you will have to take care of many things before you get busy with your classes and study. Most institutions will developed an orientation days/week for international students where you will be introduced to the institution, class time table, accommodation, health and money matters. We recommend that you arrive at your institution in time to attend this orientation as it will help you settle in faster. We will assist you in every step by our pre departure seminar before landing for study in UK. As an international student looking for a full time or part time job, student will have to make sure you are in accordance with the Home Office in terms of your UK study visa. You will need to make sure you know all about the requirements before you start looking for a job. To get more information about your visa and how this will work please either contact your international advisors at university while study in UK, or visit the UK Visa’s official website for more information. True 1439184213
Free Education for Germany
Free Education for Germany INR 0 INR 0 Benefits for Study in Germany:- IELTS 5.5 Bands or German Language course acceptable Most economical Education provider Free, Semi paid & paid Courses Available Paid Courses have very Low Tuition Fees Schenegen Visa 10+2 Pass Eligible with foundation course Negligible Funds To Show No Old funds require to show 99.95 % Visa Success Rate Easy Embassy Interview 20 Hours work Per Week allowed Graduate & Post Graduate Courses in: Engineering Courses (Highly Recommanded) Tourism Culture Management Computer Science Biotechnology & Applied Ecology Architecture Business Management Computer Science Health Care Management (MBBS/MD/BDS/MDS/MS courses available) Housing & Real Estate Management & Many More True 1439184352
Ireland Student Visa
Ireland Student Visa INR 0 INR 0 Ireland is one of Europe’s most popular destination for tourist and students from around the world, with the beautiful landscapes, breathtaking scenery, peaceful and safe environment, scholarly tradition, and warm and friendly people. Local people of Ireland are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality which helps overseas students to adapt student life in Ireland. Study in Ireland with Shelldreams and get your education process done easily. Ireland’s worldwide reputation for high quality education is built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence. STUDY in one of the best education systems in the world for Higher Education Achievements BENEFIT from Ireland’s investment in the education system CHOOSE from over 5000 internationally recognised qualifications ACCESS world-class research opportunities in world-leading programmes CONNECT with career opportunities with leading global companies located in Ireland ACHIEVE your ambitions in Europe’s most entrepreneurial country JOIN the 35,000 international students from 161 countries enjoying Ireland’s vibrant culture LIVE in the only English speaking country in the Eurozone EXPERIENCE living in one of the friendliest and safest countries in the world True 1439184406
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